We’ve all been there - something doesn’t go as planned or someone close to us lets us down and it leaves us with this gut feeling of discouragement. How did this happen? Why did this happen? And most importantly, how can I ensure this doesn’t happen again?
These are all reasonable thoughts and you should never feel ashamed for having them. 

Understand the Source

The first part of overcoming discouragement is first understanding why you feel this way. What is the source of this pain? Did something not go as you wanted? Did the result of the situation cause you to miss out on something else? Was there something you were really looking forward to for a long time? Whatever the answer is, it is essential to understand the source of your pain so that your healing can begin. 

Confront the pain

The only way out is through. Feeling discouraged makes way for you to feel encouraged and happy again. It is all about the ebbs and flow of life. There is no such thing as a perfect time period or circumstances where discouragement doesn’t exist. Oftentimes, I have found that we have to allow ourselves to mourn what we thought was. This has been an incredible source of power for me. So many times I have felt let down because I thought a situation was one way, when it was really another. Allow yourself to mourn what you thought was, so that you can make space for what is.

Find Hope

One of the hardest parts about dealing with discouragement is that it makes you not want to open up to whatever it was you were hoping for. You must resist the urge to shut down and desensitize yourself. This may seem like a quick fix to avoid future discouragement, but all it really does is block you from experiencing all the future joys and wonders life has to offer you. The reality is, you cannot avoid discouragement. 

Give Yourself a Break

Some things are going to hit you harder than others. It’s okay to feel discouraged for longer than you’d hope as long as you have made the personal decision to not stay there forever. Give yourself the permission to feel let down. It’s okay if you don’t bounce back as quickly as you thought. Sometimes we see the discouragement coming and are able to understand why we feel let down. Other times, we have no idea why we feel this way and just have to sit in those feelings as we carefully dissect the source. Both paths of emotional exploration are normal and needed. 
Just remember, even though discouragement is inevitable, so are the joy and happiness if you allow them. Every situation and moment grants us a lesson in its own way. So the next time you feel discouraged ask yourself, “What is this discouragement trying to teach me?” Once you find the keys to this answer, watch your discouragement begin to disappear as new enlightenment and hope emerges. 

I’m rooting for you! 
Quote from Morgan Harper Nichols

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